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With over fifty years experience, Budri is the worldwide leader in Artistic Italian Marble Inlay. The unparalleled experience at international level in the execution of major, complex, large- scale customized projects such as private villas, fashion brand boutiques (Dolce& Gabbana, Chanel, Moncler, etc), hotels and prestigious buildings, together with inspiration and interpretation skills have contributed to establish Budri’s strong reputation as “Maestro dell’Intarsio”.

Budri collaborates with architects and designers supporting them as expert partner in all development phases of their projects. All production takes place in Italy and concludes with the final testing and inspection before layout and polishing on site. Budri’s major international projects are of two main stylistic types. The works in one division are more classical and intend to rediscover the heritage of the inlayers and mosaic craftsman of the past, while the other contemporary division inspired by international designers generates important innovation and eclectic creativity.

Website: http://www.budri.com/