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Founded in 1968 by Enrico and Antonia Astori and Adelaide Acerbi, Driade quickly gained fame for ground-breaking design ideas and a very innovative manufacturing policy.

The dialectic between “furniture” and “equipment” generated long-standing collaboration with the most influential designers of the 1970’s as if to form an ideal gallery of “art editions”.

The mid-1990’s saw the birth of DriadeStore, a collection of furniture and objects for day-to-day living designed for all audiences and focusing on good design and production-system optimization.

In 2013, the company was taken over by ItalianCreationGroup, an Italian industrial holding company that buys and steps up the pace of growth in small and medium-sized enterprises that are known for their exceptional Italian creativity.

Today Driade looks out on a new era, under the creative direction of David Chipperfield, with a new innovative mind but continuing to propose a philosophy of living inspired at eclecticism and the meeting between different cultures.

Website: http://www.driade.com